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� � � � � Jack smiled a little grimly, thinking that what he had to say to the lady would not exactly be restful. avtt天堂网2014亚洲 Though I resented his correction, I said nothing, [36] for I saw that he was serious. Mindful of many previous encounters with Craig in his own fields in which I had come off a bad second, I waited prudently. � � I鈥橠 MET Eric the year before, right after I鈥檇 thrown off my running shoes in disgust and sprawledin an icy creek. I was hurt again鈥攁nd for the last time, as far as I was concerned. He turned into his own street keeping a wary eye ahead. Mrs. Regan's boarding house was three-quarters of the way down the block, one of a long row of dwellings with little grass plots in front and iron railings. Sure enough by the light of a street lamp Jack made out the figures of a group of men at her gate. As he came closer he saw that several of them carried cameras with flash light attachments.